Black Privilege: A White Man’s Myth

Most white supremacists are concerned about the way black people get special treatment.

A recent report tells us how some white people believe that so-called “black privilege” is somehow getting out of hands in America. They say that black people get unfair advantages due to these privileges.

In an interview with CNN the British Journalist, John Blake, asked a few white Americans about some privileges they believe African-Americans have, such as Black history month and affirmative action.

Drew Domalick, a Green Bay Wisconsin resident said, “In America you can’t even talk about whiteness. If you try to embrace being white, you are portrayed as being a racist. If we had a White History Month, that would be viewed as a racist holiday.”

These supremacists get jealous that they cannot have holidays like “White history month”. And what are you going to celebrate? Is it a white history to remember how black people kidnapped whites and brought them to the coasts of West Africa to use as slaves?

The privileges white people have over blacks in U.S. are countless. A white dude can walk along the streets safe not being harassed by police. White people can own huge amount of guns, while black guy holding a toy gun ends up in a mortuary the next morning.

So where is the “Black privilege” that’s getting out of hands?


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