U.S. Government Raises Awareness About Drug Reform Provisions

A new drug reform from the Obama administration is yet to be introduced to the United Nations.

It is known that the United States government for the past years has been fighting narcotic drugs but has not yielded profitable results in its fight, so it is considered a failure, according to News report.

For the past years, the punishment for drug dealing has been sentencing, imprisonment, and so forth, which has not actually contribute to the eradication or minimization of drug trafficking. Most people have been sentenced to long term incarceration.

Report published by Mashable says that Obama administration is putting measures in place to curtail this act. Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder attested to the fact that laws which were made under Clinton’s regime to govern drug issues are deteriorating civilians due to long duration in the prisons.

William Brownfield, the assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, said the reshuffling is considered as a “pragmatic reform agenda”. “We will call for pragmatic and concrete criminal justice reform, areas such as alternatives to incarceration or drug courts, or sentencing reform,” he said.

The damage of drug sentencing was realized by President Obama, especially on the black fraternity and how it is reshaping it wrongly. During Holder’s term, harsh sentencing of Black men was his priority, with the aim of helping curb the situation.

Apparently, presidential aspirants have taking this on stage for campaign – promising a better and different approach to these harsh means of judgement.
Werner Sipp, president of the International Narcotics Control Board, realizes that drug abuse needs to be considered as a health issue, not a law enforcement problem.

With these findings on how Drug War has been terrorizing the United States, reshuffling in the law is considered appropriate and the administration is on the verge of making a presentation to the United Nations to reconsider its drug laws.

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