Bias Stop-And-Frisk Practice In Philadelphia

The Philadelphia police’s stop-and-frisk practice is found to be an attack on black people.

A recent report conducted by the Pennsylvania American Civil Liberties Union shows that out of 200,000 people were randomly stopped by police in 2015, 69 percent of them were African-Americans. Only 11 percent of pedestrians stopped were white Americans and almost half of the random stops were made without suspicion.

Blacks in Philadelphia, with a 44-percent population, suffer from the highest rate of racial profiling since 2011. The stop and frisk was implemented to imprison as many blacks as possible. But relentless efforts have been made to end the stop-and frisk.

A democrat Jim Kenney, during his Mayer campaign in Philadelphia, had a positive view on ending the police stop and frisk practice. In response of his commitment to end the random pedestrian stops without suspicion, the black people in Philadelphia voted for him and he became a Mayor.

Kenney’s view on the biased police stop-and-frisk practice totally changed immediately after he was sworn in January this year. Now he doesn`t want to shut down this misconduct, he only says it should be “constitutional and limited”.

Share this article and help to fight police racial profiling in our communities. 


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