Bernie Sanders’ Free Tuition Plan Threatens Private Historically Black Colleges

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders proposes a 2-year-free tuition in public colleges and universities, which according to Rep. Jim Clyburn, would crumble the HBC universities.

Sanders’ plan is to:
• Make tuition free at public colleges and universities
• Stop the federal government from making a profit on student loans
• Substantially cut student loan interest rates
• Allow Americans to refinance student loans at today’s low interest rates
• Allow students to use need-based financial aid and work study programs to make college dept free
• Fully paid for by imposing a task on Wall Street speculators.

It sounds amazing but why would Jim Clyburn, who is campaigning for Hillary Clinton, warn African-Americans about Sanders’ plan? “You’ve got to think about the consequences of things. [If] you start handing out two years of free college at public institutions, are you ready for all the black, private HBCUs to close down? That’s what’s going to happen,” Clyburn told Buzz Feed News on Saturday February 20 in an interview.

We all want to have free education but will it be for all? It is likely that the free tuition for the citizens might affect that for the non-US-citizens, especially for blacks.

The world needs an educated workforce and this can be only done if bright young people of all races, black or white can conveniently afford to go colleges.

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