Minneapolis Protest Over Jury Failing To Indict Officers Involved In Jamar’s Death

The jury’s decision not to indict the Minneapolis Officers involved in Jamar Clark, 24, caused some people to protest on the streets on Wednesday evening, March 30, all times local reported.

The 24-year-old African American born Jamar Clark was fatally shot last year November by Minneapolis police officers. The verdict, Wednesday, by the presiding judge was that “officers used deadly force in a situation where they feared for their lives; hence officers will not face any charges.”

A gathering of protesters happened an hour after the prosecutor failed to indict the officers. The decision felt “bitter in the mouth” of the entire city of Minneapolis. Protesters of over 200 took a walk with placards and boards with inscriptions “justice for Clark” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Several protesters set American flags on fire showing their rage and fury about the jury’s decision and how America treat Blacks entirely.

Parents of Jamar, James and Wilma told KSTP-TV that they are astonished with the jury’s ruling, because the officers showed no remorse in killing the 24-year-old Clark. Nevertheless since protest and peaceful demonstration are the only way, they will seek justice through that. They embarked in a march to the police precinct.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says “the Jamar Clark case is a reminder that the state needs to take a hard look at its criminal justice system.” President and Congress, of course, know about all problems with police brutality, but they are satisfied with this situation.

Apparently, police officers are too afraid to communicate with protesters because they understand that people have all reasons to be angry. Cops prefer violence to civilized approach. But it won’t be easy to force black people to accept another injustice.

Good luck to protesters!

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