Witness Says Kimani Gray’s Hands Were Up When Cops Fatally Shot Him

A new clue changes the whole story about the death of Kimani Gray who was killed by police officers in Brooklyn, NY.

Kimani Gray, black teen was shot seven times to death by two police officers, Jovaniel Cordova and Sgt. Mourad in 2013. Without a witness, the cops falsified reports on the death of the 16-year-old boy.

The officers [Cordova and Mourad] walked free on the streets of Brooklyn without facing any criminal charges. But one thing we know for sure is that there can be absolutely nothing hidden that won`t be revealed.

A woman who saw the scene through her window, Tinasha King, testified on Tuesday March 22 that Gray’s hands were up and he never had a gun when police shot him, while officers claimed the boy was targeting them with the gun.

Gray’s mom Carol has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Federal Court. Report says that the family seeks an undisclosed amount for the death of their son.

Life is what money cannot buy. It’s precious and priceless regardless of whose black or white. The void, which police officers have created over the past years in the hearts of black families, can only be filled if justice is served.

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