St. Louis Killer Cop Caught In On Camera

A new video shows Officer Jason Stockley planting a gun on Anthony Lamar Smith after he shot and killed him

A new revelation has popped up following the release of a new video of the 2011 police fatal killing in St. Louis. The video captures Officer Jason Stockley, the police officer who shot and killed Anthony Lamar Smith placing a gun on his corpse.

In the video, Stockley who was in the company of Officer Brain Bianchi was heard saying; “I’m going to kill this motherfucker,” as they chased the Black drug suspect.  The two officers then shoved Smith off the road. Stockley then shot five times, aiming at Smith in the driver’s seat.

The video shows Stockley proceeding to take a gun from the cruiser which he placed on Smith’s body to implicate him. He then stated in his report that Smith had pointed a gun at him. Stockley used this fabricated story to establish his use of excessive force on Smith.

On the other hand, series of DNA tests proved that Smith didn’t use the gun.

Stockley stands to be tried on October 3rd for first-degree murder.

I wonder the kind of people that constitute the American law enforcement. Are these police officers some kind of thugs and murderers? It is high time the police are held responsible for their irresponsible acts. This is just becoming too much! There should be a strict punitive measure in place to flash-out such terrible nuts from the law enforcement.

Source: U.S. Uncut

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