Cop Shot Driver To Death And Walked Free

A Cop, who allegedly fired 16 times into a fleeing vehicle, was declared not guilty.

Released video shows that Officer Oliver Wilson engaging in a deadly chase of Jeanette Anaya, which resulted in her death. Wilson said that Anaya violated traffic regulations, but the released video from the dashcam proves otherwise.

Anaya, who felt that she didn’t deserve a stop by Officer Wilson, decided to drive away whiles officer started chasing her. Officer Wilson was chasing Anaya until her vehicle somersaulted.

Wilson told before court that Anaya was trying to flee, when he got out of his vehicle walking towards her. Then he fired shots for his safety, according to Officer Wlison. As she drove away, he kept on firing until he saw the car crashed into a cinder block wall. Munoz, who was in the car with Ayana, told the grand jury that Ayana only backed into Wilson’s vehicle in an attempt to position her car for an escape.

SFR reported that the court charged the deceased being on drugs, but a toxicologist, Dr. Harry A. Milman said, the amount of cocaine in her blood was so “little” that there was not enough evidence to say that she drove under influence that night.

So what can be said? An innocent woman was shot to death just because she allegedly violated traffic.

Take a look at the video below, which can provide you with more details about the incident.

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