Prosecutor: Officers Involved In Fatal Shooting Of Jamar Clark Won’t Be Charged

Two Minneapolis police officers add to the long list of white cops who got a pat in the back for killing black men.

Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman announced on Wednesday that there will be no criminal charges against the two white Minneapolis cops involved in last fall’s fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

According to police, Jamar Clark, who succumbed to his injuries in a local hospital a day after the incident, was shot in self-defense by Officer Dustin Schwarze after a brawl with another officer, Mike Ringgenberg.

However, eyewitnesses and Clark’s family, dispute the officers’ account of the incident, which took place just steps away from the precinct headquarters, claiming that the 24-year old was handcuffed when he was shot.

The decision has drawn outrage from activists, who had protested the extrajudicial killing, Clark’s family and community members, who said the move showed that the legal system is rigged against African-Americans.

Freeman said he decided not to bring charges against the officers because the forensic evidence from the investigation into the shooting did not corroborate the theory that Clark was cuffed when he was shot.

The County Attorney has come under heavy criticism for his overreliance on police accounts and disregard for witness statements.

CNN, reports that the prosecutor’s investigation came to a conclusion that Clark “attacked his girlfriend, interfered with paramedics attempting to transport his girlfriend to the hospital and refused officers’ demands to remove his hands from his pockets.”

Another black man’s life has been unjustly cut short and his killer joins a gang of cops who can freely brag that black lives don’t matter.

This is another case of an unjust ruling against a minority.

If the police, who kill black people as and when they like continue to go unpunished, what will become of society?

We will not stand for such injustice as in the words of Reverend Martin Luther King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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