More Than 185 Guns Were Brought By Kids To School This Year

Since the beginning of 2016 academic year, at least 185 incidents of students carrying firearms to school have been recorded, says.

The Trace is a media organization, which is associated with pro-gun control and does researches by collecting database for its statistics. According to their statistics, more than 185 incidents of students with gun in classroom have been recorded since January.

The organization disclosed new incidents in the city of New York in March, where an 11-year-old boy carried with him his grandfather’s pistol to school.

The boy told CBS News that he was aware that the gun he took belonged to the grandfather and that he was also aware of the fact that its already been loaded with bullets.

Since there is no federal gun safety legislation, gun possessors in the United States are of a greater number, which means that kids can easily get access to weapons at home, for example. Unfortunately, most of these 185 cases resulted in violence.

Black parents should rise up and be much vigilant on these issues by making sure that their kids are not involved in such acts.

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