Black Assemblyman Assaulted By Cop

“But I do believe that the level of response was far heightened because I’m a Black man — no question,” Mr. Michael Blake concludes.

The police seem not to regard Black people as citizens at all, not to mention granting them any rights. Racial profiling and brutality have no boundaries. By the turn of events, it appears they will stop at nothing to use the slightest opportunity they get to abuse an African-American and even a high status and a position in the local government can not stop them.

Mr. Michael Blake, a New York State assemblyman for the Democrats representing a part of South Bronx was mal-handled by a cop as he tried to settle a dispute. The 33-year-old assemblyman recounted his ordeal by saying that on his return from a family event he had attended he was passing by a woman, who was handcuffed.

As a responsible statesman, Mr. Blake got to the scene to ascertain the cause of the woman’s arrest. But not long afterwards, he heard shouts behind him that seemed to be some of a squabble so he decided to go there.

But as he hurriedly moved toward the scene where the dispute was going on, he was lifted off the ground by an officer, who moved him some few meters away and slammed his back against the gate of a house.

Mr. Blake, in a phone interview, said, “It was not a pleasant interaction.” It took the intervention of a captain, who recognized him as an assemblyman, to prevent the officer from further assaults. The Black statesman claimed, he wasn’t allowed the slightest chance to identify himself before he was attacked by the violent officer.

Mr. Michael Blake has lodged a formal report to the Civilian Complaint Review Board for the use of excessive force in handling him, which he believes was so because of his skin color.

The Police Department has acknowledged that the said incidence did take place and they have launched an investigation into the matter.

Mr. Blake finally encouraged the leaders to take action by saying that “too often, people are quiet when these things happen” and “leaders have a responsibility to communicate to the community about how to take positive action.”

The police are not enforcing the law, but rather infringing on it. We hope the status of the victim will cause thorough investigation of the case and will help to change the situation to better.

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