Police Brutality At Its Largest: Killer Cops Back On Duty

A horrible story of police brutality and impunity: 5 cops, who fired 137 shots into a Black couple get their jobs back.

At the end of November 2012, police officers mistook the sound of the car backfire for gunfire. This mistake resulted in a high-speed chase and cost Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams their lives.


More than 100 officers and 62 police vehicles chased the couple. As soon the car stopped outside city limits the officers started to shoot killing   Russell with 24 shots and Williams with 23. None of the victims was armed but both had mental health problems, nothing dangerous but a crack pipe was found inside the car.


Officers Wilfredo Diaz, Brian Sabolik and Michael Farley and detectives Christopher Ereg and Erin O’Donnell who 2/3 of the deadly shots were acquitted. Michael Brelo, the leading killer, was acquitted too and he remains the only man in this case fired from police – the others are back to work.



cops2 cops5

Police brutality is a serious problem but what we see here is something else. American streets can not be called safe while officers like Betty Shelby or Brian Sabolik patrol them as it’s ok for American police to do things that are considered home-grown terrorism in other countries.

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