Terence Crutcher Family Continues To Fight

The family of Terence Crutcher is still seeking justice and filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

It’s very important not to give up when the justice system fails you but it’s very difficult to keep fighting when the murderer of your loved one is acquitted and is getting back to work.


“Many on the jury could never get comfortable with the concept of Betty Shelby being blameless for Mr. Crutcher’s death,” the foreman of the jury wrote in a public court memo, but still, Betty Shelby is free to go and do whatever she likes however horrible it may turn out.

Terence Crutcher family turned out to be strong enough, the still call cat a cat and murderer – a murderer.


Now they are seeking some $75,000 in damages. In addition, they demand serious changes throughout the Tulsa Police Department, including mandatory officer training that focuses on suspects with substance abuse or mental-health issues.



We fully support their suit. It is great that these people who didn’t manage to save their relative are so eager to spend their time and efforts on the creation of safe conditions for other members of the Black community as if we all truly belong to one big family.

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