Hillary Clinton Aims To Get Black Votes

In the latest release of John Podesta emails, Hillary Clinton strategizes to secure Black votes.

RT reports that: WikiLeaks have uploaded yet another batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta. This ninth release brings the total number of leaked files to over 12,000.

Among the hundreds of emails released Sunday are discussions about appealing to black voters, Hillary’s email apologies, and Chelsea Clinton being described by one of her father’s longtime aides as a ‘backstabber’.

Ranging from how to take down Sanders, to strategizing around sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton, multiple aspects of the Clinton campaign have been laid open to public consumption through a series of WikiLeaks releases this week.

The thousands of emails already released also cover topics including US allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar clandestinely funding ISIS, the Clinton campaign’s efforts to handle the media, and courting billionaire donors. You name it; John Podesta sent or received an email about it.

The Daily Caller relays that: In an email exchange released by WikiLeaks, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta writes, “I have been working on that and will resolve soon” regarding reaching out to black voters.

The email [email protected] writes back, “the black [vote] is obvious super critical” in an email with the subject line, “re: the black vote”

according to Wikileaks. The person goes on to write, “A black campaign vice chair or Sr advisor would go a long way during the primary and send the message that, Hillary puts her actions where her mouth is, and actually does appreciate the black vote.”

“We need to strengthen the overall structure and this is the most critical piece of that. Right now I think we should do this right after Super Tuesday” Podesta replies. The February email exchange came just over two weeks after the New Hampshire Primary that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders decidedly won with 60.4 percent of the vote.

Allen B. West gave more detailed information on the revelation: According to The Daily Caller, Democratic strategists, and Hillary Clinton campaign staff discussed using cities struck by environmental catastrophes, like lead leaching into Flint’s water, to attract young minority voters.

Democratic strategist Gina Glantz thought Clinton’s visit to Flint, Mich., in the wake of its water crisis was a “brilliant” move that could be replicated in other states to attract voters. Glantz argued finding poor communities “with high rates of asthma” or other ailments would help stand out against primary opponent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“Getting ahead of him around ‘caring’ can be repeated. I am thinking – though may be unrealistic given the shortness of time – that there must be any number of low-income communities with high rates of asthma or other stuff in South Carolina sitting next to fossil fuel plants belching out toxic material or at least unhealthy fumes,” Glantz wrote in February 2016, according to emails released by WikiLeaks from the hacked email account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

RT further unveils that: The latest leaked emails highlight campaign concerns that Hillary Clinton is not doing enough to appeal to black voters. In the February 2016 messages between Frank White Jr, who raised over $2.3mn for Barack Obama during his 2012 re-election campaign, and John Podesta, White writes: “I’m hearing the same complaint in political circles that I continue to hear while fundraising. ‘The campaign doesn’t value black folks and takes us for granted’.”

Podesta responds: “I have been working on that and will resolve soon. We need to strengthen the overall structure and this is the most critical piece of that.”

This presidential candidate has only further exposed herself, showing the nation the blatant liar that she is. It’s terrible to see that she is trying to take advantage of the poor Black communities, by pretending to care for the ones that have suffered catastrophes. Each passing day, more evidence surfaces completely explaining why Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve our votes. Moreover, it’s definitely better to keep her out of big politics as a country leader, who is not capable of telling the truth or fairly competing for the position will not make a good country leader.

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