Brendan Hester Shot By Police… Just Because

Police told a story of shooting a dangerous criminal but Brendan Hester survived, to tell the truth.

Early in the morning on June 2, Ohio Police responded a 911 call. After arriving at the scene they faced an armed Black man who disobeyed their orders. They had to shoot the man as he posed a threat but…


Brendan Hester was lucky enough to survive the shot and that’s what he tells. First of all, he occupies the home where the incident took place together with his brother. And that was he who asked his girlfriend to call the police while he was holding an alleged intruder at gunpoint protecting his family.


“Police have reported that they ordered Brendan to drop the gun, however, this is not true,” the Hester family’s attorney says. “They didn’t order him to drop the gun. Brendan was shot immediately upon the police entrance into the home, and there was no scuffle going on at the time the police entered that house.”


“The police have not made any claim that Brendan was a threat of serious physical harm to anybody in that space,” she adds. “We just find the circumstances highly suspicious and are pushing for a thorough investigation.”



And what conclusion can we come to? Police doesn’t want to see Black victims of their brutality alive anymore just because they can testify. It’s not just violence, it’s genocide!

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