This 22-Year-Old Has Become The Youngest Person To Enter Current New Orleans Mayoral Race

Birmingham Southern College graduate Hashim Walters believes that old adage is true because he is making strides to become New Orleans' next mayor.

At only 22 years old, he has big plans for his city if he is elected. He ultimately wants to galvanize young voters to get involved in politics. “I believe that people are ready for something different. A new style of politics,” Walters told WWLTV. “This is just a tool or a stepping stone to encourage more Millennials to get involved in the political world here in New Orleans and also nationally as well.”

New Orleans has always been his home and he wants to do good by it by becoming mayor. “I played baseball right here in Norman Park,” Walters said. “I played basketball back here in that court with my friends.” His platform is simple but perfect for the needs of the people in New Orleans.

Walters wants to increase access to affordable housing, provide better public safety, job opportunities and training for people in the city. Throughout his young campaign, Walters was told that he was inexperienced and too young to be mayor.  But it hasn’t stopped him. He interned at City Hall last year for one of the city’s council members and has always loved politics.

“Why not run for Mayor?” Walters said. “There was a time where people said, JFK, that he was inexperienced. They didn’t think that he was qualified to run for president but for his two years in office, he did a great job.”

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