Black Woman Is Hunted By Racists

A Thornton Black woman can't get rid of racist notes and threats because of the lease.

As soon as Allison Butler had moved to Timber Lodge Apartments (managed by BLDG Management), she found herself unwelcome. First some people were pounding on her door and running away, then the notes started to appear.


She found them at her front door. One included a message that read, “Niggers don’t belong,” the other included the phrase “nigger bitch.”  Neither Adams County, Colo., Sheriff’s Office, nor the apartment security company seemed to take any measures to help the Black woman.

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So Butler addressed the leasing office hoping to terminate her lease.

“I asked to be released from my lease, but the manager at the leasing office … [her] response is that I could buy out of it, which means I could pay two months’ rent to get out of the lease even though I’m being harassed,” she noted. The leasing office didn’t offer any other resolutions to the situation.  “Their response every time is that they cannot control what happens in the hallways,” Butler said. As a result the Black woman is forced to leave in terror. “I’m going to school to be a therapist. I truly want to do good in the world. So the fact that I could be reduced to a ‘nigger bitch’ does hurt,” she said.

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Sometimes people live in haunted houses but poor Allison is just hunted by disgusting racists.  We are wondering if being harassed is included into the list of  the services provided by BLDG Management?!

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