How Black Men Are Stereotyped On Screen

There are hundred's, maybe thousands, talented Black men in the film industry but we usually here only about Will Smith or Denzel Washington, here's why...

It’s extremely hard for Black men to become Holywood actors and even if one them gets such a chance his talent doesn’t matter much. Why? Because movies are made for white people and the see Black men through the glasses of their prejudice. Mamoudou N’Diaye, a film maker, and a comedian, made this amazing video to illustrate the various stereotypical roles given to people of colour in the movie industry over the past century.

Positive or negative, these are stereotypes (most of which are far from reality) that prevent talented Black men with great potential from shining on the screen. “I’m tired of these motherf*cking stereotypical roles, that these talented ass Black men are forced to play!”  That’s what Mamoudou N’Diaye says in the end and perfectly agree with him.

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