White Nationalist’s Wow To Speak At Auburn Causes Outrage

White Nationalist Richard Spencer makes a speech at Auburn University despite all bars.

A well-known white nationalist and racist, Richard Spencer, made a speech Tuesday evening at Auburn University, even though the university did it’s best to cancel the planned event.

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Anyone can rent James E. Foy Hall on Auburn’s campus, the school is funded with taxpayer money. So Spencer just paid $700 to speak. After the threats of violence, the administration of the school changed their minds and  “banned” the white nationalist from speaking but Spencer’s right for free speech still allowed him to do what he planned.


As one of the internet users cleverly noted, Spencer says everything the KKK men or nazis would, not using ‘jew’ or the n-word.


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Black students and alumni have planned to show up en masse to protest. which ended with public unrest and arrests.

In the video, you can see a rare situation when Black and white people stand against hatred together because Spencer is an example of where white supremacy can come, but these people are not enough to convince the whole nation to review its stereotypes.

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