No Criminal Charges In Case Of Black Girl Suffered Rope Burns

A 12-year-old Black schoolgirl sustained severe rope burns on her neck during an overnight trip in April.

The photo of a Black girl showing rope burns on her neck has gained attention in the media lately. It is suspected that she was dragged with a rope around her neck by some three boys during a school field trip with Live Oak Classical School.

Per the account of the Black schoolgirl whose name was given as K.P., she was at the camp on 28th of April together with some other children who had also come there for the field trip. Suddenly, she felt a rope around her neck and before she could realize, she was on the ground with some three boys behind her dragging the rope which had tied her neck.

But investigators in Blanco County, Texas have ruled out any criminal act. They said that there is no found proof of crime but the incident was just an accident. Blanco County Sheriff’s Capt. Ben Albon wrote in his conclusion that “The victim’s story seems to have evolved some, but no evidence was revealed that indicates that this was more than an accident.” He further explained in his write-up that the injury was not racially motivated

Nonetheless, parents of the Black school girl whose name was given as K.P has since filed a lawsuit against the school for negligence and also suing them up to a tune of $3million for damages.

The fact that the boys weren’t shouting racial slurs doesn’t reverse the possibility of racial factor influencing on their violent behavior. Moreover, the girl was viciously abused by the other students and someone should face punishment for it. Will such an incident be termed as a mere accident as well, if it involved a white girl who had been severely injured by Black boys?

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