Cop Steals A Double-Sided Tape – Faces Charges Of Theft

A glimmer of hope seems to be rising in the horizon following a recent development in South Carolina where Officer Kaleb Broome was fired for racial slurs and is charged for misconduct.

Sheriff Leon Lott of Richland County Department in South Carolina says he fired and arrested a deputy for defacing a poster in a crime victim’s garage by turning it into a racial slur.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Leon said on Feb. 23, Kaleb Broome and another officer responded to a call on a domestic dispute in North East Columbia.

In the crime victim’s garage, Broome circled Nigeria on a poster map of Africa and turned it into a racial slur. He intentionally spoiled the appearance of the map by circling the Nigeria.

According to Leon, his partner asked him not to do it but he continued without having a second thought, what the possible implications of his actions might be.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said Broome tarnished the badge and crossed the line by committing the theft.

Additionally, he broke and took a piece of double-sided tape which defiled the ethics and the code of conduct of the Department.

Although the tape is less than a dime, the sheriff explained that Broome, who was immediately relieved of his duties was also arrested and is charged for misconduct while in office. Obviously, he is in for theft and might end up in one year in prison.

The sheriff hailed the bravity of the officer who stood for justice by reporting Broome’s misconduct. He affirmed that there are still good cops who are bent on rebuilding the frayed relationships and public trust brought upon the Department by some “rotten eggs.”

A glimmer of hope seems to be rising in the horizon following this recent development.

Assuredly, if other counties can take up this bold step and the officers are held liable for the rampant high profile killings, brutality and extreme use of force, sanity will abound and justice will flow like water.

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