Did You Know That Blacks Make Up More Than Half of Inmates In 12 States?

Statistics reveal that black people are incarcerated in the U. S. at least five times more than whites.

Throughout this nation, there is more imprisonment at the state level than at the federal level. The analysis, which was made state-by-state, exemplifies racial bias and ethnic inequality.

Since the majority of people in prison are sentenced at the state level rather than the federal level, it is critical to understand the variation in racial and ethnic composition across states,” Ashley Nellis, the author and senior research analyst wrote in the report, “and the policies and the day-to-day practices that contribute to this variance.”

Three races were looked at in the research: Blacks, whites and Hispanics but African-Americans seem to be the ones facing the highest incarceration rate.

Here’s the summary of statistics:

  • In general, Blacks get behind bars in state prisons at a rate of 1,408 per 100,000 people; Hispanics, 378 per 100,000; and whites, 275 per 100,000.
  • African-Americans are imprisoned at a rate more than 10 times that of whites in Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Vermont and Wisconsin.
  • African-Americans make up more than a half of the prisoners in 12 states: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.
  • 72 percent of Maryland’s prison population are Black — the highest percentage in the U.S.
  • 11 states report at least 5 percent adult Black males in prison.

According to the report, 3 main factors are responsible for this: “policies and practices that drive disparity; the role of implicit bias and stereotypes in decision making; and, structural disadvantages in communities of color, which are associated with high rates of offending and arrest.

However, this is a result of that these people could be wrongfully arrested, tried with bias, given too long jail terms and so on.

Moreover, if our justice is truly ‘color blind’, we would like to see the statistics of indicted killer cops and prevented hate crimes too?

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