Racist Remarks Sends University Of Alabama Student Out Of Campus

Ryan Parish, a white student of the University of Alabama has faced dismissal from the school following his use of racial slurs.

Ryan Parish has found his way out of the University of Alabama for emulating the bad trend of racial abuse in the U.S.A. It is currently unknown what might have provoked Parish to act so irresponsibly but all the same, he has been made to pay the full penalty for his action.

According to reports by AL.com, Parish took to Facebook and wrote some very unpleasant and racist remarks. He also made racial threats on the Member of Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook page.

He wrote, “I’ll kick your black ass.”  He further issued a racist threat saying, “I’ll kill you [n–ger] don’t speak to me wrong.”

After a short time, the post went viral and Parish received a heavy backlash from the public for using racial slurs.

University authorities have since come out with several statements, condemning the act. They further dissociated themselves from the student’s post; saying that it didn’t represent the view of the school.  Through their twitter account, they also stated categorically clear that the school does not “condone the use of hostile or racist language or threats of violence in any situation.”

Finally, after some time, the university announced its disciplinary action taken against the student for making racist remarks. They stated that Parish has been suspended and removed from campus.

The uses of racist words are the least we should allow in our society. Its destructive tendency might be much greater than we think. The time has come, when there should be a stiffer punishment for such offenses to deter others from the practice. Just a suspension from school might encourage other students who have such plans to also execute them. Anyone who uses racist remarks should be made to pay for it dearly. There should be a conscious effort to totally eradicate this canker of “racism’ from our country.

Source: The Root
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