Black Activists Leaps To Grab Confederate Flag

Black Lives Matter activist during protest leaps to grab a Confederate flag which leads to his arrest

On Wednesday, a Black Lives Matter activist was arrested after diving over a police barrier to grab a Confederate flag away from a protester.

The incident occurred as demonstrators were outside the Sottile Theatre at the College of Charleston in support of Bree Newsome. Newsome is most famous for climbing the South Carolina state flagpole in order to remove the Confederate flag, and she was scheduled as a speaker at the school on Wednesday night during a “Tearing Hatred from the Sky” event.

However, many protesters also came out against Newsome, including members of the South Carolina Secessionist Party, many of whom arrived waving Confederate flags.

The group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators and the Confederate flag-waving protesters were facing off during a live television broadcast when Muhiyidin d’Baha dove over the barrier to snatch the Confederate flag away from one of the protesters.

“Um, you can see what’s happening right now. It looks like both sides of the crowd are fighting one another,” a WCSC reporter can be heard saying as d’Baha, whose real name is Muhiyidin Elamin Moye makes the leap. “Police are arresting this guy, right now.”

D’Baha was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct because of the incident.

This man did a right things. Symbols of hate and slavery should not be tolerated! It’s justifiable to act against racism, free speech doesn’t mean free from consequences.

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