Black Scholars Encourage Youth For 30 Years

The Black Scholars partnership has been motivating and welcoming black students already for 30 years.

The Black Scholars Community Partnership celebrated its 30th birthday on Saturday in Westchester County. More than 300 high school students were invited to the event, where they have listened to encouraging speech of WCBS meteorologist Elise Finch, who is a former Black Scholar member.

“I was afraid every step of the way, with every move and every job, and I did it anyway,” said Finch. “And don’t be afraid to change your mind, because if that school that you’ve chosen doesn’t work out for you, you should transfer. It’s your life. It’s not your mother’s life or your father’s life.”

The Black Scholars chairwoman, Fay L. Fagan, believes that successful black students don’t receive proper recognition. The partnership is trying to mark those students who archive a B average or higher over four years of high school.

“All of them, for the most part, have been accepted to higher education or college,” said Fagan.

The power of black community is in its unity. That’s why it is great to see groups like this supporting black youth. So we congratulate The Black Scholars and wish them long years of successful work.

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