Black Celebrities Call For Radical Transformation

Black celebrities came together to film a black and white video entitled “23 Ways You Could Be killed if You Are Black in America.”

One of the world’s famous singer, Alicia Keys joined forces with the We Are Here Movement organization and Mic to compose a video to express their displeasure about police brutality against Black people.

The video entitled “23 Ways You Could Be killed if You Are Black in America,” featured some very popular faces in the entertainment industry such as Beyonce, Rihana, Adam Levine, Kevin Hart among others. They shared different ways African-Americans have been killed in high-profile cases that have served as a pictogram of racial issues in America.

Jamilah King stated in a piece she wrote about the video that “It’s moving to see that celebrities have taken charge of telling this story.” She further indicated that “What we’re seeing now are Black entertainers — singers, actors, athletes and artists who are deeply in tune with what’s happening in the United States — speaking out, taking action.”

Alicia Keys as well call on viewers to support police reform. In the video, the celebrities called on the president of the United States and congress to enforce changes now to ensure that all Americans have a right to live and to pursue happiness. They called for a radical transformation to put an end to this long history of systemic racism.

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