Black Women Faced Discrimination At Blufin Sushi

Three Black women claim they were targeted by the manager of the sushi bar.

Saturday evening at Blufin Sushi in Grosse Point Farms  was completely ruined for three Black women, who were unexpectedly asked to leave by the manager of the place. believe they were targets of racial discrimination.

sushi sushi1

“There were other people at the bar and she only approached our group. When Kim said, ‘Oh, I guess it’s a possibility that we could leave,’ we got the bill; we cashed out,” says one of them.


In about 10 minutes after the encounter, the police arrived. It was called by the manager. They were sure the women had finished and the manager just wanted to make room for other customers.

sushi4 sushi5 sushi6

One of the women recorded the incident on video and shared it on the Internet. You can see the righteous anger of the users above. It seems Blufin Sushi owners will soon realise how important the willingness of Black customers to stay is for the success of their business.

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