Abuse Of Power: Louisiana Sheriff Told Officers To Treat Blacks As ‘Animals.’

A shocking revelation made by Jason Comeaux, an ex detective during the Tuesday hearing of Sheriff Louis Ackal’s trial suggests absolute abuse of power.

The unruly attitude of some law enforcement officers towards Black people have always suspected to be backed by some higher authority. The suspicion of many has been proven to be true per the testimony of an ex-detective, Jason Comeaux. Comeaux earlier this year pleaded guilty to assaulting a prison inmate. On Tuesday, he testified in court during the trial of Sheriff Louis Ackal’s trial. Comeaux said that the Louisiana Sheriff hated the Black community so much that he encouraged them to treat Black people harshly. Quoting Ackal, Comeaux said, “They were animals, and they needed to be treated like animals.”  Get the full story on the clear case of abuse of power by this Louisiana Sheriff from the sources we have put together for you.


Narcotics agents with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office enforced their own code of justice, running amok in a deep culture of abuse of power without fear of discipline from a chain of command that tolerated and even encouraged violence, according to testimony Tuesday in the trial of Sheriff Louis Ackal.

When asked how his narcotics team viewed the residents of the neighborhoods they worked, former agent Jason Comeaux summed it up succinctly: “They were animals, and they needed to be treated like animals.”

A jury began hearing evidence this week to determine if that culture of lawless law enforcement stretched all the way up to Ackal, who faces civil rights charges in an investigation of abuse and cover-ups going back to his first days in office eight years ago.

Jurors on Tuesday began hearing from some of the many deputies who have pleaded guilty in the case, all taking the witness stand to testify against their former boss.

They talked of abuse and excessive force as a routine part of the job.

Comeaux, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to beating inmates and then lying about it, said he couldn’t even recall how many people he had roughed up unnecessarily.

When asked if he had ever filled out any of the use-of-force paperwork officers are required to file when an arrestee is injured, he said he wouldn’t have even known where to find the forms.

They didn’t care about what we did as long as we kept the streets quiet,” Comeaux said.

He said the narcotics unit, which he described as Ackal’s “baby” and “golden child,” was routinely called upon by the sheriff to “clear the streets” when Ackal believed there was a potential for unrest after a shooting or other major crime. Read more.


The former detective also testified to roaming Iberia Parish following a shooting and roughing up anyone they saw on the streets. Comeaux noted that some drunken off-duty narcotics agents had unnecessarily beaten up two Black men — which they called n–gger knockin’ — and were barely punished for it.

According to The Advocate, Comeaux’s damning testimony bolstered the prosecution’s key claim that not only did Ackal direct and/or approve the physical violence, but he was also physically present for the beatings at times.

The former detective said the sheriff stood by and watched as he and two other deputies abused an inmate following a contraband sweep at the jail in 2011. The inmate, who later filed a civil rights lawsuit over the abuse, was beaten in the jail’s chapel where there were no security cameras.

Comeaux later lied in a deposition, saying the inmate was injured during a fight with another man, the paper reports. When the ex-detective told Ackal about the attempted cover-up, he reportedly responded, “F— that n—–. He got in a fight.”

Testimony in the trial, which is expected to last all week, will continue Wednesday in Shreveport, according to The Advocate. The damning case has shed light on the festering racial tensions in the community where Black residents said they’ve long suffered violence at the hands of police officers.

“It’s always been a problem within Iberia Parish,” said local activist Khadijah Rashad. “It’s gotten worse under Sheriff Ackal.”

Per Acadiana’s KLFY, Ackal — who refuses to step down from his post as sheriff — also faces several charges surrounding the mistreatment of prisoners.

His defense lawyers argued he had no involvement in the violence against Black residents and inmates. Read more.

We now know why the police officers act the way they do towards Black people and always go unpunished. They actually act on cruel orders from their Bosses. In as much as racial profiling and abuse is a problem, the abuse of power by some racist officials is equally of a great concern. How did this Sherriff rise through the ranks to the positioned he occupied until now? The entire bureaucracy in the police service is really questionable. Putting such a man in office is a means of executing an agenda of  annihilating Black people. Hatred for Black people runs through the entire hierarchy of the police service. The revelation is really appalling although not surprising, it and the entire law enforcement must bow their hand down in shame. This is the reason police brutality against Black people in America never seems to cease. They have deserted their responsibility of protecting us; they rather hunt us. Anyway, how will the court proceedings end? We will bring you more updates on the matter. Stick and stay with us for reliable information.

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