Lewis Latimer Statue Saved By Black Leaders

A bronze statue depicting prominent African-American inventor Lewis H. Latimer will keep its place outside government center in Bridgeport.

Lewis Latimer is said to have deep knowledge of electrical engineering; some even consider him the actual inventor of the light bulb, as he ultimately patented its design.



“Lewis Latimer is a significant inventor in world history,” Ganim, the mayor of Bridgeport stated. “And he is a proud symbol of everything Bridgeport strives to be: hard working, creative, brilliant and a light unto the world.”



Ganim and the city administration on Friday, Feb. 17, terminated their decision concerning the relocation of the historic statue. It had to be moved to the University of Bridgeport in the South End, where Latimer lived.


As the changes in the city’s decision were caused by the persistent efforts of local Black leaders we can consider this a small victory. Black Americans played a significant role in the history of this country and their contribution should be given as much attention as possible no matter how active are the attempts of the whites to hide it.

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