Innocent black woman handcuffed in Walmart by Alabama cops

Alabama cops are under investigation after they handcuffed a innocent black woman and left her on the floor.

Brenda Rivers and her husband were shopping at Walmart when police officers stopped her. The police were investigating a theft of a wallet, and the officers then detained her, claiming Rivers tried to leave the scene after she told them they could not search Black woman‘s purse. Cops did not have any warrant but they nevertheless detained her according to Daily Mail.

Witness claims that Brenda Rivers lay handcuffed on the floor for 30 minutes. Jasmine Thomas, who filmed the incident, was among the crowd of shoppers who gathered to shout their support for Rivers even as she lay handcuffed on the floor while police argued with Rivers’ husband. Several witnesses in the crowd pointed out to the officers that the victim had already said that Rivers did not look like the person who snatched her wallet.

“The lady was here, she told the officer right here that it wasn’t her,” says the woman whose purse had been searched prior to the officers stopping Rivers in the video.

“The witness told him before they arrested her that it wasn’t her, I will go to court for her,” another witness chimes in.

Officers first arrived at the Walmart around 8pm after a woman reported that her wallet had been stolen while she was shopping with her young daughter. The woman told police that her purse had been taken from her shopping cart while she was in the children’s department, according to The officers first stopped one woman, who consented to the search of her purse. When they did not find the victim’s wallet inside the officers approached Rivers.

Homewood police spokesman Sgt. John Carr said one of the officers told Rivers he was investigating a theft and needed her to stay there so the victim could identity whether or not she was the woman who had stolen her wallet. But, in the video, the crowd of people repeatedly tell the officers – who have since handcuffed Rivers – that the victim already said she was not the thief.

“Your officer walked over to the victim and asked her, before you even apprehended [Rivers], and she said no. That is wrong, oh my God, that is wrong,” the first woman who was searched later says in the video as the police continue to accuse Rivers of interfering with and impeding their investigation.

When the victim finally arrives, it is with an officer who appears to be a sergeant as she tells the officer, “I did tell them, its not her.”

Rivers’ husband then approaches the sergeant to ask why this is being allowed to happen, at one point saying, “[The officer] didn’t ask for no ID, he didn’t ask for nothing, he just assumed she was the one that took the lady’s purse. We didn’t know what he was talking about. I thought he was joking.”

Toward the end of the video, the handcuffs are finally taken off of Rivers, and her purse is returned to her.

Yet another act of incompetence and racism from Law Enforcement. Black woman is suffering from their incompetence, and she is not the only one. Innocent black people are being murdered. Injustice is everywhere, but this is also a great example of how people are standing defending each other from it. Remember, incompetence is bad but tolerance of it is much worse.

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