Black Young Unarmed Man Shot By Police Again

A young Blach guy, Kajuan Raye, was shot and killed by a Chicago Police sergeant on Nov. 23, 2016.

The shooting death of Kajuan Raye, a 19-year-old Black young man at the hands of Chicago police has raised disturbing questions after police have yet to locate a gun the youth is alleged to have been threatening police with Wednesday evening before his shooting death, Scallywag and Vagabond reports. 

Nineteen-year-old Kajuan Raye was described by his family as “fun-loving and happy kid who had a bright future.” On Wednesday, police say a sergeant was called to an intersection near a park on the city’s south side in response to a report of a “battery in progress.”

The sergeant approached Raye who he described as fitting the description of the suspect. Raye ran, and the sergeant gave chase. “The sergeant then told investigators that the offender turned and pointed a weapon in the direction of the sergeant on two separate occasions during the pursuit,” Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

Video taken by two surveillance cameras outside a church shows Raye running and the officer chasing him out of the cameras’ view, yet the footage does not show the gunfire where Raye was shot and killed.

Police have not released the sergeant’s name. He will be taken off patrol and placed on administrative duties for at least 30 days, as is routine for officers involved in a shooting while it is reviewed, as explained by The Root.

Police have yet to find any weapon despite searching the area overnight, according to CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

‘We were not able to locate a weapon as of yet, ‘ Johnson said on Thursday.

‘There’s still many unanswered questions and we are working diligently to find those answers.’ 

Ahkeya White, Raye’s cousin, said she is sure he didn’t have a gun.

White said Raye was waiting for a bus home to Dolton with a friend when the officer approached them at the bus stop around 11pm.

The officer told the teens they needed to go to the police car.

White said Raye and the friend then immediately ran off in opposite directions because they were scared at the sight of a cop.

‘They don’t look at the police as what’s written on the side of the car, to serve and protect,’ White told WLS.

The officer chose to follow Raye and his friend heard four gunshots, including the one that killed the teen. White said her cousin was also shot in the abdomen, Daily Mail states

According to RT, Raye’s family and community activists said they are also searching for answers in the case after no weapon was found at the scene of the 19-year-old’s murder.

“There was no gun,” Raye’s cousin Ahkeya White said, according to the Tribune. She wondered why the shooting occurred, as the family was told Raye was standing at a bus stop with a friend near the scene of the alleged battery when the cop arrived and told them to go to the sergeant’s police car.

“Why, because I know he didn’t do anything to deserve it,” she added. “We want answers, but there’s really no explanation for what happened other than this is what’s been going on, and it seems, you know, that this is the norm. But it’s unacceptable, it’s unacceptable.”

The shooting is being investigated by the Independent Police Review Authority.

Raye’s family is “depending on the justice system, the legal system, to do what they do. They can search all night. There is no gun involved,” White said, according to WBBM. “The only gun that was fired was from the Chicago Police Department.”

Police shot an unarmed Black young man, activist Eric Russell told DNA Info Chicago. Russell said he went to the scene of the shooting to find any witnesses.

“Police don’t get to be judge, jury and executioner,” Russell said. “Once again we have an unarmed black boy that was executed… Every time they police our community, they police our community with deadly intent. So, once again, we have another dead kid. There was no weapon recovered.”

During a press conference, activist Ja’Mal Green said the sergeant involved in the shooting has fired his weapon before.

“This is not his first time shooting someone,” Green said, according to DNA Info. “He needs to be stripped of his police powers immediately. That is what we’re calling for… Why is he still on the streets? And why does he have the rank of a sergeant?”

Green added that the CPD, which is under investigation by the US Department of Justice over its use of force and accountability policies, is in need of reform.

“This is the same narrative being pushed on every situation,” Green said. “Every situation they’re a criminal. Every situation they have a gun. But now we’ve got them where we want them. … In this situation, they said he had a gun, yet they can’t recover a gun.”

The most horrible point of the whole situation is that such stories have stopped to shock people. Another death of another Black young man doesn’t sound like anything outstanding and it is the first step to the justification of the actions of the police. We shouldn’t let this happen. Spread this news to prevent people from being indifferent to the death of this unarmed teen! Speak for him as he can not speak for himself anymore.


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