Jackson, Mississippi: Head Of Black Man Discovered

Jackson, Missippi, community is in fear after a Black man's head was found on the porch.

A horrible murder shocked the people from a Jackson, Mississippi, Black community. Most of them refuse to discuss the incident with the press, but we’ll bring you the details we managed to gather.


According to Jackson Police Department, the head of an unidentified Black man was found on a porch of a house, one mile away from a severely burned human body. The results of the autopsy are pending but the alleged cause of death is ‘severance.’


“I think it’s another funeral to go to. Every Saturday, we have another funeral. It’s every week,” the inhabitant of the house in which the head was found complained. “Someone’s sending a message,” another man commented. “Why else do you do that?”

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This horrible murder might be one of many racially motivated crimes which are becoming more and more frequent in America. Unfortunately, at the moment no measures are taken by police in order to protect Jackson Black citizens from the awful things tat may happen to them.

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