Why do Whites Hate Blacks? Fear of Supremacy!

David Banner, an activist, educator, and rapper made an insightful revelation concerning the reason behind the racial segregation. He said that the white people hate Blacks because of the fear of being annihilated from the population.

The rapper’s interview with Jessica Simien, a Youtuber, brought to light some interesting facts about the various racist activities in America. David further stated that the Black person has been wrongly “programmed”.

He explained his statement by saying that; the whites try to erase the history of the Black person. They try to wrongfully inform them to make them feel actually inferior. This he said; consequently, makes the Black person want to be like the white person.

The sensational educator and rapper went ahead to state that; the Black person as actually a survivor, hence the effort of the white person to eliminate him/her. Explaining that, he said, the continual existence of the Black people is a threat to the white. He cited an example of the Black person producing another black even when married to a white.

David Banner stated that this proves that the continual existence, of the Black man, will totally annihilate the white from the population.

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