Black Celebrities Praise Luke Cage

Black celebrities who starred in Luke Cage have said that it was time for the world to see the avalanche of talent people of color possess.

“There have been white people in leading positions for a very long time, and that’s fine; there just needs to be balanced. And I’m not saying that people should go away, it just needs to be more diverse. That’s the world we live in,” Mahershala Ali told the Press Association in an interview. Ali is a Black celebrity  actor who has starred in some very popular movies like House of Cards. He  is currently featured in Marvel and Netflix’s new series Luke Cage as the villain and goes by the name, Cornell “Cottonmouths” Stokes.

Luke Cage was originally written as a comic in the 1970s’. Over the years, characters of the story have been modified to conform with the 2016 New York’s Harlem. Uniquely, this particular series tackles some pressing issues in the Black community in America.

Luke Cage, the main character, was played by Mike Colter. Luke Cage is a fictional superhero, who was wrongfully imprisoned and later developed some superpowers and extraordinary human strength. His harsh generosity and some details of his story are close to the heart of almost every young African-American in this country.

Another Black movie star who made an appearance in the movie was Simone Missick. Missick played the role of Misty Knight, one of the Black female superheroes in the comic.

Speaking about the need to feature Blacks in such roles, Missick said, “We need to see them portrayed in a way that shows they are three-dimensional, and that they have the same thoughts and feelings and emotions as everyone; that we are humans.” She further added that this “ushers in a new genre of superheroes of color

This movie is timely and not only in terms of diversity in Hollywood. That’s very important for modern America to understand that Black people can be superheroes and it’s even more important for Black people to understand how strong they can be.

Source: Hampshire Chronicle
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