Black Woman’s Porch Doused With Gas And Her Car Defaced With N-Word

Pitcairn police are investigating a hate crime that Chief Scott Farally calls “hateful” and “disgusting,” after a Black woman’s car was spray-painted with the n-word in the first of three incidents at her Pittsburgh-area home.

A Black woman identified as Courtney Mike-Wilson found her car sprayed with the n-word. This is the first of three incidents at her home in the Pittsburgh area and cops call it a hate crime. It all happened on Wednesday when she found that the side of her car was vandalized. In addition, the dodgeballs meant for her  5-year-old daughter  were slashed apart with a knife and just  some few days after, her porch was doused with gasoline .

Pitcairn is located 15 miles east of Pittsburgh. City’s police have been on the lookout for suspects. To further claim how serious the situation is, the Department has requested FBI to assist in the investigation.

In an interview, the hate crime victim said, “I say to myself, I go to work, and I come home. I’m a foster parent, so I really don’t have time for anything,” and subsequently described the impact of the suspicious string of incidents on her young daughter.

On the part of her daughter, the foster mother added that “She can’t walk to the park anymore. She can’t go to the daycare. I don’t tell her what’s going on. I’d rather she not be scared. But it’s hard to come up with first and last month rent so quickly, especially when you think you’re going to be somewhere for a while.”

Mike-Wilson discovered the slashed dodgeballs on her front doormat Tuesday morning and later a message that was placed on her porch after the hate attack; the message read, “Now we’re done”. As to what the motive behind the letter was, it is yet to be unraveled as investigations intensify.

A GoFundMe page has been put together to  help Mike-Wilson pay for the damages and removal of the racial epithet from  her  car. The page has these on it, “This is beyond heartbreaking,” the page said. “When you have a single mother who has always lived her life just trying to do the right thing, to have to try to explain to a 5-year-old what that word means and why someone would paint it on their car.”

The eyesore of racism continues to spread like wildfire across the United States. The situation becomes much more dangerous when it directly targets the much vulnerable in society – women and children. These people are virtually helpless in protecting themselves in the instances of this sort.

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