“The DNC Disappointed Me…” Black Professor Advises Blacks Voters

“We can’t afford to lose our values,” Marc Lamont, a Black academic, author and television host admonishes Black people

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania made some insightful revelations in America’s political system. The CNN political commentator and BET News Correspondent uncovered the loopholes in the political system of the country with respect to racism and policies during his appearance at the Breakfast Club Show on August 3rd.

Hill brought about two main similarities between leader parties.When asked for his personal opinion on the national rallies organized by the Democrats and Republicans, Hill replies that the former seems to have things in common with the latter.

He further explained his point by saying that “The DNC disappointed me because it looked like a Republican convention. … [Democrats] tried to take the patriotism language that the Republicans usually use in their conferences and used it for their own. They talked about wars. They talked about the economy in a way that sounded like Republicans from 20 years ago. Part of the reason it was so easy for Melania to jack Michelle Obama’s speech is because they’re all saying the same stuff.”

He expressed his fear of the country moving in the wrong direction since there do not seem to be any significant disparity between the two major political parties.

Dr. Hill also stated that not only the Republican Party can be tagged as supporters of terrorism but also, the Democrats are as guilty. He said: “Republicans are always talking about terrorism, but Democrats are playing on a certain kind of terrorism too.” He further added that the Democrat Party keeps threatening the citizens of the risk of being ruined under the Republican rule if they are not voted into power. This says nothing about how they can possibly create social justice and equality in the country.

The Black professor claimed that it was time to give the third party a chance. He said he would rather vote for the Green Party so they can also prove what they can do to save the country from its current woes.

He said: “I wouldn’t vote for her. I’m voting for the Green Party. They’re not going to win this election. But if the differences between the two candidates aren’t vast enough, then I would rather introduce a third candidate to build a movement. Because every four years, we say, ‘The third party can’t win.’ So we never invest in the third party. We never grow the third party. If they get 5 percent of the vote, they can be in the debates. And if they’re in the debates, now we can change the conversation.” Dr. Marc Lamont finally advised Black people by saying “We can afford to lose an election; we can’t afford to lose our values.”

The destiny of the Black people isn’t tied to any political party. They all make promises to get into power and afterward relegate the needs of the Black community to the background. Black people must stand up for what they believe in. A change of political party without a change in the racist laws and injustice policies will still do no good.

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