Texas A&M Student Implicated In Racial Taunts Has Left School

A student who allegedly used racial slurs against Black High School kids has been expelled from the university on Wednesday.

Texas A&M said they would not leak any further information concerning this case and no criminal charges would be laid against him.

The University president Michael Young apologized on behalf of the student and described the incident as heartbreaking and intolerable. He suggested that laws will be laid down concerning these act so as to obtain a healthy living of every race in the university.

“We are launching our students into a world where they will need to work with everyone to be successful in addressing the great societal challenges that we, as a country, face,” he said in a statement.

“One of the many students interviewed is no longer associated with Texas A&M University,” Young said.

According to initial report, more than one university student was suspected of racial charges but the university made no comment about that fact.

According to U.S. Census data in 2014, African-Americans made up 12.5% of the Texas population but African-American students’ body at Texas A&M are less than 4%.

The police said in an interview that the students associated with the incident were interviewed and concluded its investigation.

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