Revealed: ‘Slavery lives on’ in Prisons in the United States

“This is flat-out, modern-day slave labor and it will continue as long as society accepts the notion that prisoners deserve less.”- Jason Renard Walker incarcerated Texas inmate.

Jason Renard Walker, who happens to have been incarcerated in the United States city of Amarillo in Texas, has made some daring exposure of the treatment given to Black inmates.

It is highly inhuman to know how racial segregation has taken over the prisons in the so-called ‘land of the free’. Whites are totally separated from their Black counterparts and are treated very well as compared to the Blacks. This comes to confirm white supremacy even in the prisons.

The worst of the situation is that after the hard labor, prison officials pocket all the monies these poor prisoners generate.

Per the exposure made by Jason, we can confidently say that indeed slavery hasn’t been abolished in the United States of America. It is so because Jason revealed in his article entitled “Unpaid Labor in Texas Prisons Is Modern-Day Slavery.”

His inspiration to have written that article was due to the disgustingly long hours the Black inmates are made to work unpaid.

A further delving into the nature of work they undertake, Jason Renard Walker revealed that Texas prisoners work as electricians, maintenance workers, cooks, janitors, painters and dog trainers. In addition, they can care for about 10,000 head of cattle, raising and processing beef, pork, and chicken for sale.

Being the largest prison in the US with over 143,000 people incarcerated in 124 prison units across the state, its Correctional Industries does furniture refinishing, tire retreading and auditorium and school bus refurbishing. Prisoners majority of whom are Blacks manufacture these goods and provide these services.

These services are often rendered to state and local government agencies. Political subdivisions, public education systems and public and private institutions of higher education aren’t left out in the service provision by Black inmates.

As disheartening as it is, Black inmates receive no money for their hard work, though the annual report of 2014 showed that the Texas Correctional industries make over $88.9 million in sales from items and services produced by inmates across the state. Yet none of these monies get to inmates.

If the above treatment given to Black inmates isn’t described as “modern day slavery” then how best can that be put? So we can see how insensitive the government is by using the inmates’ labor for free in diverse fields of work.

This appalling treatment must be quickly addressed to authorities. This is indeed Modern day slavery.

Source: anonhq
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