“Horrifying” concerns about treatment of black school Children in U.S. by U.N. experts

A group of U.N. experts are horrified by findings about black school children in American schools.

Experts claim American schools have a lot to do in respect to relations with black school children.

“They are hotbeds for discrimination” this is how American schools were described by a group of experts of the United Nations.
The African Descent group of experts from the U.N. traveled around the U.S. to find out on possible barriers and other challenges African-American students face in U.S. schools.

Forehand preliminary findings ahead of the full report from the group, talks basically about reducing inequality in the educational system of the U.S.

Other equally important points raised had to do with brutality, school curriculum, mass incarceration and structural discrimination.

They also noted that students of color are more likely than white children to face harsh punishments, such as suspension, expulsion and even school-based arrests.

These disciplinary actions can lead to a phenomenon called the “school-to-prison pipeline,” by which children get pushed out of the education system and into the criminal justice system.

Surprisingly, reports clearly show that in some States, the curriculum “fails to adequately address the root causes of racial inequality and injustice,” and this eventually contributes to the structural invisibility of African-Americans.

Aiding these issues, there were recommendations to abolish on-campus police as well as curricula check on the history of the slave trade.

Maybe it’s high time these barriers were brought down? Because at an early stage in the formation of a person, it is equally important that fragile conditions be set for all.

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