Hillary In ‘Name Calling Business’: Labels Republicans As ‘Deplorable’

The Democratic presidential candidate has described the Republican Party as a ‘basket of deplorable.’

Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton during a fundraising event on Friday night, descended heavily on the Republican presidential candidate and his team. Clinton labeled the followers of the Republican presidential candidate as “racist, homophobic, Islamophobic and xenophobic.”

During a CNN interview on Monday, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, Mike Pence was asked if he asserted to Clinton’s call to label David Duke as ‘deplorable.’ But the vice-presidential candidate rather didn’t seem to share Clinton’s opinion.

Rather Pence disclosed that the Republican presidential candidate has on a number of occasions denounced his association with David Duke. Moreover, the Republican vice-presidential candidate was adamant in labeling Duke as ‘deplorable’ rather; he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in ‘name calling.’

One more time Hillary Clinton is at it again; trying to win the sympathy of Black voters. But, on the other hand, members of her team cannot be totally described as faithful supporters of Black people. Some of her allies have come under criticisms for some racially discriminatory utterances and actions. In as much as we are not going to endorse a white supremacist, we won’t give the nod to an anti-Black group either. We cannot be used just to get into power and relegated to the sidelines afterward.

Source: Think Progress
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