Your Voices: Do All Lives Matter?

An emotional cry to the people who oppose Black Lives Matter by saying All Lives Matter.

Do ALL LIVES live in poverty?

Do ALL LIVES live in crime ridden areas?

Do ALL LIVES fear law enforcement?

Do ALL LIVES get served education malpractice?

Do ALL LIVES get poisoned by the government?

Do ALL LIVES lack resources?

Do ALL LIVES live numb to abuse, misuse and lack?


Do ALL LIVES not have thriving communities?

Do ALL LIVES see dilapidated buildings daily?

Do ALL LIVES worry about eating healthy meals or meals period?

Do ALL LIVES get that although you go to school, poverty is their lot?

Do ALL LIVES hear gunshots like its the latest rap song?

Do ALL LIVES see positive images of themselves?

Do ALL LIVES allow those who are sworn to serve them in Congress fail them and their future; willfully, intentionally and knowingly?

Do ALL LIVES see themselves in the owners of thriving businesses in their communities?

Do ALL LIVES youth have opportunity within their schools and community?

So ALL LIVES work long, hard and far and yet struggle to have nothing to show for it?

Do ALL LIVES adhere to a religion that perpetuate maltreatment, brutality, lack and marginalization?

Do ALL LIVES love in spite of, turn the other cheek and forgive no matter what or SEEK JUSTICE?

Do ALL LIVES (BY LAW ENFORCEMENT) get judged, be the juror and get executed on the street or GET TO THE COURTS?

Do ALL LIVES get a chance to enjoy the fruit of their labor of building this country?

Do ALL LIVES get to know, embrace and appreciate their rich history?



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