Solange Knowles Criticizes Whites After Concert Attack

The Black singer expressed her concern after 4 white women attacked and provoked her family at a concert

Solange Knowles is known to have always let her voice be heard on issues concerning feminism, racism, and social justice. The fashion maven took to twitter to talk about a miserable encounter she had at a Kraftwerk concert.

Solange, her husband, their 11-year-old son and his friend all went to the Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans. They had just arrived at the event and moved to their seats, when a venue attendant approached her son and his friend and said: “No electronic cigarettes allowed, you need to stop doing that now!” It turned out that some white guys seated in front of her family were the ones smoking.

After that, she and her family were dancing to one of their favorite tracks and enjoying themselves when she heard aggressive voices of some white women yelling behind her, “Sit down now, you need to sit down right now.” The singer seemed confused, as she believed she was at a concert where the band were pioneers of electronic and dance music, so people were obviously going to dance at some point.

Solange continued dancing as the song went on and had planned to sit down after the band finished playing one of her family’s favorite songs when she felt something heavy hit her on her back. She refused to pay any attention to it and continued dancing when she felt something hit her again, this time, a smaller object, it was a lime, a half eaten lime was thrown at her by one of the white women behind her.

She was absolutely disgusted by the women’s actions and she spoke about it on twitter. “We are at an ELECTRONIC and dance music concert and you are telling me…not asking me…to sit down…In front of my child.  I’m just going to share my experience so that maybe someone will understand why many of us don’t feel safe in many white spaces. We don’t ‘bring’ the drama. Fix yourselves.”

Solange has previously used her platform to slam police brutality and the social injustice in our country. Her encounter at the concert doesn’t come as a shock to us, as we’ve seen and witnessed how disgusting white supremacists behave. They have no respect for Black people; the four white women disrespected her in front of her son and his friend. If she was surrounded by Black people in a Black community and not in some “white space,” would something as sordid as that have happened? I don’t think so.

Source: NewsOne

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