Death Threats Directed Towards Marilyn Mosby

Mosby is viewed as a strong and tough woman. Her enemies are shooting racist, sexist and hate threatening mails.

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby needed to and has increased her security on accounts that she is being targeted with hate mails.

She single-handedly made sure that the six officers, who were involved in Freddie Gray’s case, were charged with felonies and put on trial.

Report from Rochelle Ritchie, Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office spokeswoman, states that, “Our office has received, and she has personally received, a number of offensive and extremely disturbing, racist, sexist hate mail and even death threats”.

Some of the threats came to her in the form of emails reporting fake news of her and her husband’s deaths. Other emails threatening her read:

YOU are a racist criminal! YOU are a worthless racist [expletive]!

She is a skum [expletive] …You useless [expletive].

You are out of your mind. When the violence starts and they turn their anger on you, maybe the officers will be a little slow to react. You are a cop hater. Marilyn Mosby is nothing but a [expletive] Black Panther [expletive]. She should be hung.”

While these emails and letters are under strict investigation nothing can deter Mosby from pursuing her prosecution. She is not moved by these threats as her spokeswoman Ritchie stated.

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby will not be deterred by these attacks. She is going to continue to pursue justice,” Ritchie said.

We support the good work she is doing in protecting and fighting for Black lives. She should continue being courageous because she is like a gleam of hope for the justice system.

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