New Graffiti Of Racist Governor Pops Up

A graffiti appeared in Portland during the weekend illustrating Governor Paul LePage in Ku Klux Klan apparel.

The ongoing racial tension in the U.S. is increasing with each passing day. A myriad of reasons is responsible for this ancient monster rearing its head again, with some believing it is simply a fabricated problem created by politicians to sow discord and garner votes. Whatever the reason, the reality remains racial inequality is still very much a thing centuries since the abolishment of slavery in the USA.

Adding to the fire, Governor Paul Lepage of Maine left a voicemail message for a lawmaker who had previously called him racist. The voicemail contained obscene language and many provoking opinions about Black people. Governor Lepage who had stated prior to the incident at a news conference that, “black people are the enemy,” is obviously no friend to Black community.

After the voicemail was released to the public, the contents sparked outrage, with some lawmakers even calling for his impeachment from office. Graffiti popped up depicting him wearing a KKK garment, with the words ‘racist homophobe moron’ written by the drawing. The graffiti was later painted over, with the hood of the KKK garment turned into Mickey Mouse ears, and the words ‘no hate. Hate is hate’ written over the drawing.


It is amazing that the USA with considerable numbers of Black people and other minorities face such racism from high-ranking government officials like governors. Is it then surprising that is engrossed in inner discord based on racial issues? Is this the kind of message the government wants to send to the people, if it is, then we don’t need such a government.

Source: Yahoo

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