Banana Criminal At Large At American University

American University offers a reward for catching the racist acting boldly in the campus territory.

American University is not ready to put up with some nasty racist leaving bananas hanging from nooses on its Washington, D.C., campus, so the administration of the institution is going to have the culprit caught and punished.

Two surveillance videos have been released lately, the action is aimed at tracking down the suspect in what the local police are calling a “racially motivated hate crime.”

The incident is believed to have been triggered by the election of a Black woman, Taylor Dumpson, to be the president of the university’s student government body. The acronym for Dumpson’s Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority chapter was written on some of the bananas, other bananas were marked with the word “Harambe Bait.”

“In my first message to the student body, I would have wanted to talk about accountability, transparency, accessibility and inclusivity. Now more than ever, we need to make sure that members of our community feel welcomed and, above all, safe on this campus,” Dumpson wrote.

Campus police are offering a reward of $1,000 for any information leading to the suspect.

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