Blackface – Innocent Joke Or Shameful True

Parents and students are upset by a blackface incident at North Carolina high school.

The story looks and sounds like many others. A student doing the morning school announcements put on a black mask and dreadlocks in order to imitate the student who used to do the announcements before.


The reports of similar incidents come from all parts of our country and all the conducted investigations, assigned punishments and suspension threat have no impact on this strange fashion so widespread among white youth.

“I was really very surprised,” Hickory Ridge High School parent Renee Williams said. “I thought that everything had to be approved by administration and a teacher and they would try to be sensitive to the climate that is going on right now.”



The school board is taking measures, but… We still need to find out who is really responsible for these vulgar, insensitive and purely racist jokes.

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We are in a situation when systemic racism led to an education gap and white students really need to be educated about very simple things like somebody’s skin color or hair is no laughing matter, blackface is inappropriate etc. It’s not really difficult to develop a course but serious decisions are taken by the parents of these white students not all of them are ready to accept the above mentioned.

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