Cops Boast About J’Ouvert Tragedy With Racist Messages

Thee Rant, an unofficial cop website on Monday made very distasteful online posts, mocking the organizers of the J’Ouvert celebration.

This year’s J’Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn once again was marred by a horrific incident. The all-night celebration turned unpleasant when an unidentified gunman opened fire and killed two Black people and wounded one other person.

22-year-old Tiarah Poyau and 17-year-old Tyreke Borel were shot dead. Poyau whom prior to her untimely death aspired to be an accountant was a student at the St. Johnson’s University. She was shot just above her right eye while she was in the company of her two friends at the J’Ouvert. Borel was also shot in the chest during the event.

Those who usually post on the Thee Rant page are often known to be current or retired police officers of the NYPD.

One user by name “Nuthinbudatruth” wrote, “It’s 0644 on Mon. morning and already we have 4 SHOT with 2 DEAD (shot in the face) and we have 1 reported STABBING.” He also wrote, “Godless de Blasion (sic) was on his hands and knees PRAYING FOR THE STORM TO WASH OUT THIS PARADE. You reap what you sow.” This was greeted by some comments by some users of the website.

Another poster by name “TrueBlue” continued with mockery of the unfortunate incident and wrote, “Maybe the cops will ‘take a knee’ in protest.” This particular poster seemed to be jabbing Collin Kaepernick’s protest against the death of unarmed Blacks who are kept in police custody.

“Good thing they made them get a permit this year that sure fixed a lot of problems. “And if they don’t behave, they’ll get a stern talking-to and maybe not get a permit next year!” a poster by name  “WashInTheBag,” wrote on the Thee Rant website in an attempt to torch on the policy issues at the parade.

j'ouvert 5
An opinion from “Cosmos Kramer” made it obvious that the New York police officials were attempting to cover up the violence that erupted at the J’Ouvert parade for political reasons.

A post from the website stated that “There’s probably a memo from some chief ordering Brooklyn precinct commanding officers to browbeat any investigation which shows a link between crimes and the parade.”

Prior to the event, there was a post on the Thee Rant website on Thursday which predicted the horrendous occurrence but it was pulled down from the site after the prediction came to pass.

The police in America seems to act based on their racial affiliation than according to the law. The very people paid to protect all citizens have unfortunately turned into mechanisms used to suppress Black people. No wonder they usually feel threatened when they even see a harmless Black person. Their conscience puts them in a position of guilt. This is the reason for violent shootings even on big fests like J’ouvert. They are just reluctant to defend the Black community. And the reason is the law that speaks louder to them than the constitution, “Racism.” We don’t need such policemen.

Source: New York Daily News

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