Black Force Not Welcome Into Labor Market

The high rate of unemployment for Black people has exposed a hidden bias in the labor market, making it of utmost importance for groups fighting against racial injustices to work with the Department of Labor.

America recovered from the economic recession years ago. However, a minority of its population still live in a time of economic downturn. The people of color who were laid off in an effort to cut costs during the recession have been struggling to be gainfully employed ever since then. And even those who managed to get back in the working force have suffered such debilitating pay cuts that they might as well lose their jobs again.

It was also during that time that many unions seized to exist. With the disappearance of these unions, workers no longer had anyone fighting for them, as the Department of Labor seemed not to be interested in doing its job. Several years have gone by and the effects of massive layoffs and harsh policies implemented to cut costs are still being felt in some corners of the country.

African-Americans were especially hit hard by the recession; they were affected so badly that even though the country has recovered from the financial meltdown, they’re still fighting that battle. They seem to have somehow been excluded from many of the plans the government had to stimulate in the workforce after the recession elapsed. Hence, Black-Americans lead the record levels of unemployment.

This makes it pertinent that the Department of Labor works with various relevant groups seeking social equality to help stem the alarming rate of unemployment in the Black community. African-Americans suffer many injustices in the labor market, making them an excellent candidate deserving of protection by these bodies.

The Black movement groups have not only been about attaining criminal justice but also they have been fighting for economic liberation. There have been series of wakeup calls on the industry players by various Black movement groups to ensure equity on the labor front but to no avail. It is time for a collaborative effort between the Black movement groups and the labor department to ensure a fair representation of Blacks in the labor market.


Among the many injustices they face in the labor market, African-Americans receive less income for the same position a white person earns higher in. They are denied some of the employment benefits other workers enjoy. They are given bad retirement options. Discrimination against Black people and poverty go hand in hand, making it of utmost importance for the Department of Labor to intervene, and work in conjunction with groups fighting for social equality to bring about positive change.

It is only by working that these bodies can resist the big names in the business that are not too enthusiastic about the impending change. Employer biases are some of the driving forces behind the inequality in the labor market, tagging African-Americans as undesirable employees. There is a call to racial justice movements to work hand-in-hand with the department of labor to eliminate this injustice practices.  We thereby relent not on our efforts to see complete justice for Blacks in America.

Source: In These Times

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