Detroit Mayor Candidate Is Only 22

A 22-year-old black woman, Myya D. Jones, has announced she is going to run for the position of Detroit mayor.

At the moment Myya D. Jones is a Michigan State University senior. She announced her plans via the Detroit Metro Times.


“While I was interning in Congress, I knew [politics] was something I wanted to do,” Detroit mayor candidate said. “I want to give the voiceless a voice.”




“We can’t forget about the people who have to live in Detroit,” Jones added. “We need to create more opportunities for people to have jobs, for them to be financially literate.”





According to Jones, she has “lots of plans for the neighborhoods, including giving people the sense of responsibility. Who can do it for the Black community of Detroit better than a courageous young Black lady eager to bear the responsibility for the whole city.

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