Prison Pipeline Cripples Black Females

Taylar Nuevelle tells about the impact of prison pipeline on the lives of Black girls and women.

Taylar Nuevelle is the founder and CEO of the Who Speaks for Me? Project who is diligently trying to draw attention the issues of the incarceration of women, particularly Black women.

They are caught in the justice system and have no one to tell about their problems. At the moment women make the fastest-growing group of inmates in the United States. Black women are the most likely to get into prison pipeline.


Female are subjected to various kinds of violence while in prison. The have to live in unbearable conditions, they are constantly humiliated and experience the most sexual violence. According to The Guardian, women represent 13 percent of the prison population but make up two-thirds of victims who experience staff-on-inmate sexual violence.

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Taylar Nuevelle thinks that the trauma Black women suffer in prison is usually the continuation of the trauma they suffered before being incarcerated. This trauma may be the result of any abuse either at home or at work, which means it is often inflicted by white people.


Taylar sees the solution in making the problem known to the general public and that is why you are reading this article now.

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